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job description writing for recruiters

Our recruitment clients generate higher volumes of better quality candidates, free up consultant time and protect their brand from sub-standard ads.

You can dramatically reduce the cost of job advertisement writing and free up vital consultant time for client sales and talent pooling. We can research and write candidate-centric job advertisements to your precise specifications, combined with industry best practice. Our multi-industry experience can also assist in writing your blog!

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Recruitment clients, large and small, are under constant pressure to drive new business sales and to maintain their talent pipeline. Consultants are sales people, not writers. Creating job advertisements is often out of their comfort zone and eats into time which is better spent on client and candidate activity. Discover why hundreds of clients and digital partners work with us to achieve competitive advantage.

Since 2003, our writing and editorial teams in the UK and the USA have been creating engaging, search engine friendly content for clients in most major industries.

Our proven team, class-leading systems and processes allow us to provide you with the best possible value and to work with an unrivalled degree of flexibility.

Why Do Recruitment Clients Work With Us?

    We'll get it right first time 99.5% of the time and will re-work if not
    We help recruiters with industry-specific content in most major industries
    Search engine optimised content for job boards and blogs
    Rapid, efficient briefing - we know that time really is money

Engaging Job Advertisements and Recruitment Blog Content

Our flexible approach reflects the diverse needs of our recruitment clients. Some provide us with outline or rough draft job advertisements and ask us to assemble and polish the material to their corporate standards. Others ask us to research the client and comparable roles, creating a fully-formed job advertisement from outline information.

In addition, decades of experience in a wide range of B2B and B2C verticals allows us to create engaging blog content for recruitment clients, speaking to your target industries. From news, analysis and commentary to featured roles and opportunities, the possibilities for client, talent (and search engine) engagement are virtually limitless.

Our experience and substantial investment in one of the most advanced production systems on the planet ensures that we can provide a head-start through best practice, creating accurate specifications for our writing and editorial teams without requiring you to spend hours briefing us. Most importantly, you are in control at all times and can decide how involved you wish to be.

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